How to Fix Google Chromecast Reconnect Me


So, from how many long time you have been using the Google Chromecast? You must have been enjoying a very good number of shows using it, right? It is actually quite a very handy device apart from Amazon Fire Stick & Roku which are being the top TV streamers.

Well, Google Chromecast’s operating system is very much simple and doesn’t takes much of time to understand it at all. Generally, it is a transmitting device which can stream videos from major video streaming sources like Netflix, YouTube, and others.

Anyways, let’s not get carried away for now at all. So, I am here describing a very common problem which is often seen in a Google Chromecast device.

There are some certain issues arising about the Google ChromeCast Reconnect Me lately. We are here to talk about those issues and how to resolve them.

Google ChromeCast Reconnect Me Issues

Well, have you ever give it a thought about what is the Google ChromeCast Reconnect Me warning all about?

As we know, Google Chromecast is about a few devices only. All you need is a HD television, a HDMI port, preferably an uninterrupted wifi or broadband connection and the HDMI extender to get it on the run. So based on these devices, there are some common Google Chromecast Reconnect Me issues which can take place.

Here are the common Google Chromecast Reconnect Me Issues arranged one by one. Take a look at these causes and their solutions.

Reconnect Me – Can’t Find The ‘Name’ Wi-Fi Network

This error occasionally happens when the device is unable to grasp the network or the Chromecast device can’t detect the Wi-Fi network in spite of the Wi-Fi network being visible to others.

As we can assume, it might probably the signal fetching issue created by the the Chromecast device or the Wi-Fi is not visible to some of its users.

So, how to solve them?

Here are some options you can do even if you are not a tech geek. Don’t worry, these steps are totally safe to do and most probably you will get your problem solved.

  • Reboot the Chromecast Device – You can use either the Google Home App or the from the Chromecast device itself. To reboot through the Google Home app, open the Google Home App from your smartphone, Go to the Devices > Select The Device You Want to Reboot > Menu > Settings > Reboot. Or you can use the button next to Micro USB port to reboot the device. You just have to hold it up continuosly for 25 seconds and it will reboot itself without any problem.    

  • Factory Data Reset – If rebooting the chromecast device doesn’t works, then you can do a factory data reset to reset the Google Chromecast. To perform a factory data reset, open Google Home App > Tap on top right corner of the screen, select the device from your available devices through the Google Home > Menu > Setting > Tap on FDR.  

If the following things doesn’t works or aren’t related, take a look below.  

Reconnect Me – Can’t Connect To ‘Name’ Wi-Fi Network

If Chromecast is detecting the Wi-Fi network of yours and still cann’t connect to the network, follow these procedures.

  • Rebooting Your Router – Check if the you can connect to your Wi-Fi network using some other devices. If you are unable to do so, then you can do a router rebooting to have a clear understanding of the situation.

You can simply turn off your router for 2-3 mins and then restart it to reboot. If your problem gets resolved within this, then there is nothing worry about more. If not, there may be an issue from the Internet Service Provider’s end. It is advised to contact them for further assistance.

  • Check The Network Availability – You must check if Chromecast device is still in the range of your router to grasp the Wi-Fi connection properly. Sometimes, when you place devices little further than the range, they may indicate this too.
  • Reboot Chromecast – I have already described how to do a chromecast rebooting. You can reboot the Chromecast device to see any change.

  • Use A HDMI Extender – Last but not the least, using a HDMI extender can help you connect to the Wi-Fi Network. If you are not using one, it is time to get one.    

Reconnect Me – Trouble Connecting To The ‘Name’ Network Due To Router Error

See if there has been any changes to the router such as displacement, unavailability of the Internet, network range problem. You can as well as check the Chromecast device for any problems. In a simple way, you can do the exact things mentioned in the previous steps when you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network. Hope that will solve it.  

Reconnect Me – Chromecast Is Connected To The Wi-Fi Network, But Can Not Access The Internet

  • Check The Internet Access – You have to manually check if the internet is available on not. You can try connecting other devices to the internet as I have told earlier and see.

  • Check Router – Have you noticed any changes to router location, or change in the password or any other problems within? You can reboot the router to see if anything happens or check if the password is changed.

  • Reboot The Chromecast – As we have done the chromecast rebooting steps earlier, it is the time to do so once again following those steps.

As you can noticed, all the steps are kind of same in each errors. So, most of the problems which happen with the Google Chromecast Reconnect Me, can be solved using these steps easily.

So, these were the the basic troubleshooting steps for Google Chromecast Reconnect Me issue. If you are not able to troubleshoot the problem after doing these, it is time you should have a word with the Google Chromecast Support team.

If reading this article solved your Google Chromecast Reconnect me issue, then please appreciate to share the article among those who need it. Either way, you can post your comment here describing the issue and we will try our best to assist you.


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