Turn your Water-Drop Notch to a Battery Indicator


There are hell a lot of Water-Drop Notch devices available in the market, what will you think if I tell that today in this post am going to share an APK, which will turn your notch t0 a Battery Indicator!

Yeah, a Battery Indicator.

Notch Pie:

Notch Pie is an APK which will animate the display area around the notch. It will work as a Battery Indicator. All you need is to adjust it according to your need.

Say, the thickness the colour and some other cool stuff. This app will definitely grab the attraction of the people who peeks on your device.

First of all, I would like to thanks XDA Developers for developing such an awesome APK

Also, this app is AD-Free, what’s all needed other than this? Although the APK is new in the market and still have some bugs, don’t worry, developers are working to fix it. So, please be Patient.

How to Download and Install the Notch Pie APK:

Well, it’s really an easy process to install the Notch Pie APK. Neither you need an Unlocked Bootloader nor TWRP Recovery. All you need is to download the APK from our mentioned link, and install it. Simple!

  • First of all, download the Notch Pie APK by clicking here.
  • Now, enable Installation from Unknown Resources on your device.
  • To do that, open Settings >> Additional Settings >> Privacy >> Installation from Unknown Resources.
  • After allowing this, install the Notch Pie APK.

That’s it, Notch Pie APK has successfully been installed on your device.

Now, all you need to do is, Setting Up the APK and Adjust it according to your need.

How to Setup the Notch Pie APK:

  • First of all, open the Notch Pie APK.
  • Now adjust the position under the notch area, this may take some time as the process is a bit outdated.
  • Thereafter, adjust the Rotation so that it lies just at the boundary of the notch of your device.
  • After this, adjust the Thickness level according to your need and give Accessibility Permission to the APK.
  • You are all done with the Notch Pie APK, enjoy!

That’s it. Hope you have succesfully installed the Notch Pie APK and have set the Battery Ring around the Physical Notch of your device.

Still if you have any problem while installing or setting up the APK, feel free to let us know by comment below. We are always there to help you out! Also, if this was really helpful for you, then please Subscribe to our Newsletter and stay connected with us.


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