How to use BANKING APPS on Rooted Devices (Google Pay, Phonepe, BHIM UPI)


Google Pay and PhonePe are some popular apps in India. Most of the smartphone users, use Google Pay and PhonePe for Digital Transactions. But a new problem has come up now a days that Google Pay and PhonePe are not working on Rooted Devices.

Rooted Devices have Unlocked Bootloader and due to this they don’t open. According to them, Bootloader Unlocked Devices can easily be attacked. But don’t worry, I personally use a Bootloader Unlocked Device and have not faced any issue till now. And in today’s one, we have come up with the latest method to use Any Banking App on Bootloader Unlocked Devices.

Things Needed:

How to use BANKING APPS on Rooted Devices (Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM UPI):

  • First of all, download the Magisk Module Configuration ZIP. After its downloaded successfully unzip it and install it and enable the Modules from Magisk.
  • After this, download BusyBox from Play Store or you can simply download it by clicking here.
  • Now when the download is over, install it in all directories.
  • Also, download the Terminal Emulator for Android. Same for this too, either you can click on the link or open the Play Store app and install it.
  • Now all the leading stuff needed are downloaded and installed.
  • Open the Terminal Emulator for Android app, here you need to input some commands now:
  • Firstly, it will ask for the SuperUser Permission, grant it simply by writing “su” in the command.
  • Thereon, type the command “props” and wait for few seconds.
  • After some time, the screen will appear with digits.
  • Now a window will appear where you have to select the option Edit Device Fingerprint”.
  • There after, “f” which tends “Pick Certified Fingerprint Sensor”. And then press Enter.
  • Then another window will open, in which you have to select the option “Google”.
  • And then, select Google Pixel 2 and hit Enter.
  • Press “Y to confirm and the system will ask for Reeboting the Device, allow that!

Now when you device has Rebooted Successfully download the SafetyNet Test app. After it installs successfully, test your device once.

Am sure that your device will pass the test. Now you can easily use any of the Banking Apps say Google PayPhonePe, BHIM UPI and many other other transaction apps.

That’s it, still if you face any problem regarding the process feel free to let us know by commenting below.



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