People can Hide Replies now, Claims Twitter


Twitter: What it actually is:

Twitter is an Online News and Social Networking Service. Here, users can post and interact which is generally known as Tweets. From the very beginning the tweets were restricted to 140 characters only. But on 7th November, 2017, they were exactly doubled, say 280 characters, except some specific languages.

One of the most cool feature of Twitter is that, registered users can post, like and retweet. The unregistered users, despite of having no account, can read the tweets.

Twitter gave a new value and destiny to hashtags (#). The official URL-Shortener by Twitter:

Twitter created its own URL-Shortener service The use of the URL-Shortener is only confined to Twitter Links and not for General-use. Each and every link on twitter can be shortened using and they also use the wrapper which will protect users from malicious sites and will also keep a tracks on the links within the tweets.

People can Hide Replies now, Claims Twitter:

Twitter is planning to give people a new option, where they can hide replies to their tweets. Enabling this, can give the users more control over the nature of conversations in the platform.

Social Medias like Facebook and Instagram already gives users hell a lot of power in dealing with the comments. Not only the user can hide anyone’s comment but also they can delete them.

This feature on Twitter can help the users to have potentials to hide trolls. But it also has a drawback which is to correct the wrong statements made by others.

Twitter already claimed last year that the platform is free from abuse and spam which distracts the users. According to latest researches, Twitter now have more abusive and spam contents.

Twitter also claimed that in the span of January to March2019 a total of about 1.00.000 accounts were suspended for creating new accounts after their old ones were being suspended. Which is about 45% of increase from last year.


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