These Cool WhatsApp Features will blow your mind


WhatsApp is the most used messaging app all over the world. It is one of the popular app in its Social Community. There are a lot of apps all over the planet say WeChat, Viber and many more but WhatsApp has dominated everything.

Here are 7cool new features of WhatsApp which will definitely blow your mind.

The features which we will be showcasing here are first tested on Beta Mode which are being tested by the folks at WhatsApp Beta Program.

Block the option of taking Screenshots:

The biggest modification on WhatsApp is that it will block users to take screenshot of chats. The user can set the option according to his/her preference. Say, there are two users, User A and User BUser A have blocked User B from taking any screenshot of their chat. Now, if User B tries to take the screenshot of their conversations, he/she can’t because User A have already blocked User B from taking any screenshot.

Keep your Chats more Secure:

The WhatsApp Officials are also enabling Biometric Authentication which means, now you can lock WhatsApp without any Applocker. Now, you can unlock your WhatsApp using your Fingerprint. This means that your chats are now more secure. Also, you don’t need any Applocker to lock WhatsApp thereby saving your Internal Storage and RAM Management too.

Support for Automatic Playing of Voice Messages:

WhatsApp will soon allow users to play voice messages in a row. Now users don’t have to press on play button after the update. When the chat is open, if the user send you any voice message it will automatically start playing it. Also, voice messages send in a row will be playing one after the other as their sequence.

Dark-Mode to start rolling out soon in WhatsApp:

The in-app dark mode has been observed in WhatsApp Beta Version 2.19.87. The dark-mode is well optimized and have been found in each and every window of WhatsApp. The Dark-Mode will also help in the visibility during night time, when all your lights are turned off.

Easier Way to open Links in WhatsApp:

WhatApp is also working on launching an in-app browser, this browser will be well optimised for WhatsApp. Thereby, if someone sends you any link and you wanna open it, clicking on it won’t redirect you to your device’s browser.

Vacation Mode on WhatsApp:

We have already covered this topic, so if you want to know this, please click here.

More Improved, Audio Sharing:

In WhatsApp Beta Version 2.19.89, the users have spotted a cool feature. WhatsApp will now enable you to play an audio before sharing it to someone. Not only this, you can now share up-to 30 audio file at the same time.


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