Top 5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020

In this busy world, people don’t get time to sit in front of their television and watch their favourite sport. Well! today we are here with the list of Top 5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020, which means in the tight schedule of work, one can watch their favourite player on the field whenever they want.

Sports Streaming Sites is a new trend at this time. And Free Sports Streaming Sites are web portals hosted on various servers. These sites are completely free and they require an account through which you can access the site and enjoy your favourite sport with ease.

Top 5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020

Before moving further with the details of the sites, I have made a list of the Top 5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020 and with their global rating:

SitesRatingHD Supported or not
Reddit Sports3.9Supported

Now let us undergo each site individually and discuss in details about the pros and cons of the respective site. is one of the biggest and largest servers of Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020. It has gained a strong base of its viewers because it almost streams every sport events. Along with that, there’s a navigation menu on the homepage.

One can easily check what are the sports events which are streaming on as there’s a list on the homepage of the site, consisting of all the ongoing events which are being streamed at that present time. Moreover, the contents available on this site can be streamed on Full HD quality. In the above-mentioned table, I have listed the present link of the site, still, if you face any problem accessing the site consider contacting us as there are several mirrors available to either stream or download any particular content. is another great sports streaming site. The site is known for its clean and responsive user-interface. The homepage of too has the list of all the ongoing events which are being streamed on the site, and you can access any one of them simply by clicking once on the respective event which you want to stream online.

Another handy feature of this site is that the viewer can search matches by date, or by progress if the match is streaming live, finished, on TV or hasn’t started yet. This site also lets you download the live video and watch them later on your free time. Using the TV Channel option, you can stream videos through the popular channels available worldwide.


WatchESPN is the most popular sports streaming TV channel or site. Most of us have heard the name ESPN in our daily life. Also, many Cricket matches and other sports events are sponsored by ESPN and thus they are exclusively available only on ESPN. From a TV Channel to a Streaming site, it all grew up!

Personally I would suggest you all use this streaming site particularly, as WatchESPN is a very big network and thus they have numerous developers working day and night to supply you with the smoothest experience and also because of 24×7 development, it will surely give you about 99.99% uptime.


I accept that the name is really weird, at the very first time I too thought that how can the name of a sports streaming site be such weird, but apart from the name the service is really great. It offers streaming of football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, etc in Full HD quality. This also shows the list of the stream of the ongoing events but its a bit different.

Generally, all other sports streaming sites show the list on their homepage but Laola1 shows this list on the top bar. The site really has a cool and user-friendly interface which is much easier and not that complicated like the other sports streaming sites.

Reddit Sports

Here comes in our list, the last but not the least, Reddit Sports. It is one of the best platforms when it comes to finding the best contents. Reddit actually is a community and it too has a very big and strong base.

It also has its own forum where you can talk or discuss your favourite sports. Reddit Sports is a very popular sports streaming site, and if you are having a tough time to choose which sports streaming site to go further, then I would suggest you go with the Reddit sports streaming site.


That’s all about Top 5 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2020. The list contains the sports streaming site which have ranked from the first to fifth position, all over the world.

So, tell me about your experience with the sports streaming site suggested by TekhXpert. Hope it was some use of yours, I’ve tested each and every site before shortlisting them, still, if I’m wrong anywhere then please let me know down the comments, feel free to interact.

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